Enclosure in Lithia

Best Enclosure Contractor in Lithia, FL

For over 20 years, Graco Construction has been helping people with their dream construction projects. We have completed thousands of residential, commercial, and government projects. Over the years, we have mastered the art of building solid yet beautiful enclosures and have come to be known by our clients as the best enclosure contractor in Lithia, FL. 

We provide sunrooms, screen rooms, full screen enclosures, pool enclosures, 4 season rooms and glass rooms. We start by scheduling a visit the site for inspection and consultation. We will discuss the design in detail; you can share your requirements and expectations. We will make sure that we are all on the same page before starting. You can view our work here on our website to see the most prestigious and loved designs. 

Enclosures require engineered drawings, permit, inspections, etc. to build and meet all of the codes to withstand hurricane winds.  For this reason; clients choose us to be their enclosure contractor in Lithia, FL.

Pool Enclosure Services in Lithia, FL

Summer is approaching, and it’s time to get the pool ready. Getting a pool enclosure is the first thing you should consider. You will be able to throw the most fun parties once you have enclosed the pool area. A pool enclosure in Lithia, FL is a must due to increased visits of insects, snakes, and more. 

Sun/Glass Room Services in Lithia, FL

Sunroom and glass rooms are a perfect addition to your home. If you have spare space, you should have one of these in your home. You can hire Graco Construction for our superior sunroom services in Lithia, FL. First, aluminum is used for building the structure.  Insulated roofing is used to cover the classroom and top quality windows and doors are used to view and access your new sunroom or Florida glass room. 

Screen Room Services in Lithia, FL

Screen rooms look amazing, and provide protection from sun and rain as well as insects. Graco Construction is known for our fantastic screen room services in Lithia, FL. We always use premium materials from start to finish. There are several options you can choose depending on your preference: 

  • Pet Screen
  • Super Screen
  • NoSeeUm Screen
  • Solar Screen

Screen Enclosure Services in Lithia, FL

Graco Construction offers screen enclosure services in Lithia, FL. You are able to choose bronze or white for your screen enclosure.  You can choose what type of screen you would like.  There are different roof styles and we can even create a panoramic view unobstructed by posts and chair rails.  The options are almost endless. 

bronze screen enclosure installation services Lithia FL by Graco Construction
white screen enclosure and paver patio contractor building in Lithia FL Fishhawk Graco Construction

Hire The Best Enclosure Installers in Lithia, FL

Even though Graco Construction is working on big projects simultaneously, we are always available for your service. You can call us at any time and get an appointment with the best enclosure installer in Lithia, FL.  All you need to do is select your favorite design; we will do the rest. Before you know it; you will be enjoying your beautiful, new enclosure and making lasting memories.  

Our Qualifications

Graco construction is a locally owned and family operated company. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured by the state. Our crew is specially trained to perform every task with precision; this is why we are one of the few companies who offer a warranty on all their services. At times, Florida experiences strong winds and storms, so working with a quality engineer is crucial. Our team of structural engineers makes sure that the structure can withstand category 3 hurricane winds. We are also OSHA 30 certified.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Enclosure Project?

We understand that choosing the right construction company can be hard at times. You are handing over your home to a stranger.  What if they ruin everything? These and many other thoughts might be crossing your mind right now. However, you can put your trust in Graco Construction. We consider you as our part of the family, and we will take good care of you and your home. We do a thorough background check of all of our team to rally know our people. 

The enclosure installation process in Lithia, FL should only be handled by a licensed contractor.  We hold two construction license; CBC which is a Certified Building Contractor which is the highest license in the state as well as  a CCC or Certified roofing license.  We take our job serious because we know you are counting on us.  You can expect:

  • Professionalism and perfection in our work
  • Attention to detail
  • Truthfulness and honesty from our entire team.

Do you need an enclosure contractor in Lithia, FL?  What are you waiting for? Call us today and book an appointment now.