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Yes.  Graco Construction is a licensed and insured Certified Building Contractor and Certified Roofing Contractor in the entire state of Florida.

This is the link to our roofing license with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

This is our General Contracting license with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

Yes. We offer free estimates. Our free estimate will consist of a site visit and consultation with you and a detailed proposal usually emailed to you on the same day.

Yes.  Graco Construction is a member of the FAA.  

Rafael…is this a good place for those zip codes 

Patios, enclosures, electrical and HVAC.  Rafael, we offer several types of patios and enclosures some which require energy audit by energy engineer, glass windows and doors, etc.  also, not sure if roofing should be included since this site is dedicated to Patios and enclosures.

Yes.  Every project constructed by Graco Construction will include signed and sealed engineered drawings, applicable permits and inspections.

Yes.  Graco Construction offers a 1 year workmanship warranty along with all manufacture’s material warranties.

Yes.  We will provide previous customers contact info upon request.

Yes.  Your detailed proposal will include a down payment amount and remaining payments and milestones.

Yes.  Graco Construction will do our best to protect your property and leave it in the same or better condition throughout the construction process.  We utilize different methods depending on the project such as plywood to protect the grass.  Plastic to protect painted walls.  We also do a thorough cleaning that sometimes involves pressure washing, magnetized sweeping and vacuuming.

Once our office receives your paperwork; the process begins.  First is design work, then architectural drawings and permitting followed by material deliveries, construction, clean up and inspections.

Our goal for this entire process is 90 days.

Create your dream space with Graco Construction.
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