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Local Design-Build Contractor for Flat Roofs in Tampa, FL

General Contracting Services for Flat Roof Repairs & Installations

Many commercial buildings around Tampa, FL, have flat roofs. Your home’s garage or screened porch might even have a flat roof. That’s because flat roofing systems perform well in hot climates. But if your roof is starting to split or you notice pooling after it rains, your structure is at serious risk for water damage and costly repairs. Contact the flat slope roofing experts at Graco Construction, and we’ll promptly take care of it. As design-build general contractors with 20+ years of experience, we are also specialize in flat roof repairs, replacements and new constructions for commercial, residential and government clients in Hillsborough County. In addition to roofing, our general contracting services include conception-to-completion solutions for enclosure and concrete projects. 

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Roofing contractor cutting roofing membrane for installation

Should I Invest in a Flat Roof?

A flat, or low-slope, roof is not actually flat. Under the building codes in Florida, a roofing system must have a slight pitch of 5 to 15 degrees to allow for water drainage. In general, a flat roof is lighter weight and less expensive to install than a steep-slope roof made from asphalt shingles, slate or tile. Because it’s also a space-saving roofing alternative, low-slope roofs are oftentimes installed on commercial buildings, storage sheds, garages and screened porches.

Maintaining a flat roof is also less dangerous than taking care of a steep-slope roof, and some of the newer insulated flat roofing systems are highly energy efficient because they reflect the sun’s rays and block the escape of cooled air that’s inside the structure . Once only limited to white, tan or gray, there are now a broad palette of flat roofing colors to choose that will accommodate your structure’s style and personal taste.

How to Maintain a Low-Slope Roof

if properly maintained, a roof should last 15 to 20 years. Here’s how to maintain yours:

  • Never walk on your roof. Instead, inspect it every 6 months from an upper floor window
    or by climbing on a ladder.
  •  To ensure unimpeded water drainage, use a leaf blower to remove dirt, leaves and
    debris off your low slope roof. If you can’t reach an area from a ladder, hire a
    professional to clean it.
  •  To prevent water pooling or ponding, clear any sticks, leaves or other debris away from
    the drains.
  •  Trim any tree limbs or vegetation growth away from your roof’s surface.
  •  Check your roof for structural damage or water pooling any time heavy storms move
    through the area. Also look for signs of water damage on the ceilings of rooms that are
    directly under the roof.
Roll roofing on commercial building with skylight

If you don’t feel comfortable about the condition of your roof, the general contractors at Graco Construction also specialize in low slope roof inspections and repairs. 
Contact us today if we can be of assistance!

White flat roof membrane coating

What Types of Flat Roofs Are There?

Installing a flat roofing system is trickier than a steep slope roof, so make sure you hire a licensed roofing contractor. Based on your design objectives and budget the roofing experts at Graco Construction can install these types of low slope roofs:

  • Thermoplastic membranes like PVC and TPO
  •  EPDM
  • Spray polyurethane foam-based (SPF) roof systems
  • Built-up roof (BUR) membranes
  • Polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes

While discussing your objectives with our general contractor, ask them about a matching flat roof for your screened in porch, carport or garage!

Our Design-Build Flat Roof Installation Process

At Graco Construction, we have perfected a design-build installation formula for commercial and residential roofing systems that includes these steps:

  • Initial measurements and written estimate
  • Tear-off of the existing roof (if needed) and debris removal
  •  Installation of the weatherproofing layer(s)
  •  Installation of the reinforcement structures
  • Also Installation of the roof surface materials
  • Clean up, final inspection and explanation of applicable warranties

All the flat roofing products that we work with come with 10 to 20-year manufacturer warranties, which will be explained to you prior to and then after your new roof installation.

General Contracting Services for Flat Roofing

Graco Construction is a locally owned and operated, design-build general contracting company with 20+ years of experience. Our conception-to-completion process is built upon an open, honest approach, friendly, knowledgeable customer service and meticulous attention-to-detail.

For your added security we are fully licensed, bonded and insured in Hillsborough County, and all our jobsites are compliant with local HOA and municipal building codes and ordinances.

Our project-tested work crews show up on time with a smile, and don’t leave until the job’s been done right. We also go the extra mile to protect your privacy, property and possessions. In addition to roof inspections, repairs and replacements, the general contractors at Graco Construction offer design-build assistance to residential, commercial and government clients in the Tampa, FL, area for concrete and enclosure projects. Tell us about your dream project today!

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