Roofing in Lithia

Best Roofing Contractor in Lithia, FL

If you are looking for the best roofing contractor in Lithia, Fl; look no further than Graco Construction. 

Regular inspections and repairs are necessary for keeping your roof in good condition. Due to the constant UV exposure and rain, your roof can get damaged.  If it is not taken care of immediately, you might spot leaks and mold growth on the walls and under roof surfaces. You can trust Graco Construction for all roofing services in Lithia, FL. We have successfully provided construction services for over 20 years. Our hard work and dedication make us stand out from the crowd. 

All of our roofing services come with a warranty. Even though no leaks or breakage are reported once the job is done, you still get a warranty with it. Our quality workmanship at the most responsible rates is the most promising attribute. You can enjoy a wide range of services like roof inspection, roof repair and roof replacement. We can even maintain the roof for you. Our highly trained staff will provide the necessary diligence to handle all of your roofing service needs. 

Our extensive construction knowledge helps us meet and exceed your expectations

Roof Repair Services in Lithia, FL

Damaged roofs are a typical result of strong winds and storms. Some people prefer fixing their roof damage by themselves. Still, since they are not professionals, they can make the problem worse. As a result, the whole roof can be exposed to greater damage. If you are facing the same problem, call us today to get roof repair services in Lithia fl. 

Roof Replacement Services in Lithia, FL

Every roof needs to be replaced from time to time. Graco Construction is the right choice for your roof replacement in Lithia, FL. Our team of professionals will visit your location. After a thorough inspection, they will decide whether your roof requires replacement or not. From getting the equipment to the location to removing old debris and installing a new roof system, everything is done by our trained professionals. 

two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing iron

Roof Installation Services in Lithia, FL

Right after the inspection is done, the process of roof installation starts. Depending on the weather conditions, the process is usually very quick with most jobs taking leads than 1 week. If you are getting roof installation in Lithia services in Lithia, FL this is what you can expect:

  1. Site visit to evaluate the roof and go over options.
  2. Schedule your project with a start date and time frame.
  3. Remove the old roof and replace with a new roofing system with new warranty.
  4. Call for final inspection by building department.

Roof Inspection in Lithia, FL

Whether your roof is leaking or not, getting roof inspections is necessary. You never know when the gust of wind can rip off a few at the top without you even knowing about it. Of course, you can regularly inspect without any help, but if you spot some cracks or leaks, call for a professional  roof inspection in Lithia FL by Graco Construction. We will spot any hidden damages and provide sincere advice on whether you should repair them or replace them. 

Our Specialties 

Whether you are renovating your house or want to give some maintenance touches, we specialize in it all. 

Our roofing services include: 

If you are one who likes to create their own style, you can customize the services. However, it is better to have a detailed discussion with our roofing contractor in Lithia, FL, before making any affirmative decision. 

Our Qualifications

We are proud to tell you that Graco Construction has successfully completed projects for more than 20 years. We deal with all types of residential, commercial, and even government-level construction projects. All workers undergo our unique training process and are finally deployed to the locations. We are OSHA 30 certified for preserving safety on the job site.

We are dedicated to achieving new highs every year with solid and focused leadership. Hard work, truthfulness, and commitment towards our clients are our most vital traits.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Roofing Project?

We provide what others can’t. While many construction companies near you claim to provide you with the best, only Graco Construction fulfills its promises. It provides you with more than you expect. It’s a woman-owned small business licensed, bonded, and insured in Hillsborough County. You get a Weather Stopper Plus Warranty with all our roofing services. We offer one of the best warranties in the industry. 

You can get scheduled for a roofing estimate from our website by simply clicking HERE. (there are no hidden charges). Even though the market is quite competitive these days, we have reached the top because of our quality services at the most affordable rates. No matter how big or small the project is, we will not compromise our quality standards. 

So, what are you waiting for? Please pick up the phone and call us today to get an appointment.

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