Roofing in Valrico

Best Roofing Contractor in Valrico, FL

Rain, storms, UV rays’ exposure Oh My!  Your rooftops have to bear it all. Like everything else in your house, the roof needs some attention every once in a while, which is why our team here in Graco Construction is dedicated to being the best roofing contractor in Valrico, Fl. From Metal roof to asphalt shingle roof and tile roof, you can name any service, and our experienced team will deliver. Our focus is to provide you with the best roofing services and protection against leaks and breakage. 

Worried about water leaks and mold growth in your house? Don’t sweat it! We can take it from here. With well over 20 years of construction experience, we have mastered the art of providing the best roof service to your home. We will efficiently take care of your leaking roof and protect your home and office. Hire the best roofing contractor in Valrico, FL for commercial, residential and government properties. Call us today. We will be more than happy to show you some of our best work around the Valrico. 

Roof Repair Services in Valrico, FL

It never snows in Florida, which is a big plus for saving your roof from leaks and damage, but you can expect sudden storms here. This is why you must immediately take care of small leaks; otherwise, you might experience heavy damage. Graco Construction offers roof repair services in Valrico, FL at affordable rates. So let us take care of your roof repairs now to save you money later.

Roof Replacement Services in Valrico, FL

Roof replacement services in Valrico, FL can be a major decision since the weather conditions can be extreme at times.  Only a certified roofer with over 20 years of experience should handle this for you. 

Graco Construction will educate you as to the best roof system for your home or commercial property that will also best fit your budget.  Roof replacement services in Valrico, FL include: 

One of these roof systems will surely be the best option for your property

two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing iron

Roof Installation Services in Valrico, FL

We build a strong relationship by providing quality roof installation services in Valrico, FL. We make sure that every step is done with perfection and precision. Even a small mistake can lead to long-term damage. From ‘removing the old roof’ to ‘Underlayment Installation’, every step is done with care and skill. As a result, Graco Construction has a 100% client satisfaction rate for roof installation services in Valrico, FL

Roof Inspection in Valrico, FL

A roof inspection is a must no matter where you live. Every 12 months you should get a roof inspection in Valrico, FL.  This will identify the minor damages caused by wind and rain and repair them in time to save them from major destructions. Roof inspections are done when you are considering roof replacement as well. Our specialized team will perform a thorough evaluation, and after will provide the findings and make expert recommendations as to how you should proceed. 

Our Specialties

Graco construction can meet all your roofing needs. 20+ years of experience in the construction area has led us to be one of the leading roofing and enclosure companies in Hillsborough County, Florida. We have reviews from satisfied clients to prove it.

All our employees go through an extensive background check. Only the best ones are hired to ensure the best outcome. Our team goes through continuing education programs often.  As a certified roofing contractor; Graco Construction as a company must also go through mandatory continued education classes every two years to keep our license active.

Our services include: 

      .    Roof Repairs

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Installation

All our services are customized according to the location. The best materials are used to withstand the extensive heat and changing temperatures.

Our Qualifications

For achieving exceptional results, the world’s best workforce is needed, and we are proud to mention that we have Rockstar roofers on our team.. Graco Construction was established over two decades ago, and the company is growing every passing day. Our work speaks for itself! We make sure that top-notch quality service is delivered. At the same time our GAF backed Weather Stopper Plus Warranty is the cherry on top.

Our team is OSHA 30 certified. Everyone on our crew is very experienced in roofing repairs and replacement.  Graco is also a Certified Building Contractor.  So, if there is structural damage under your roof decking; we are equipped to solve those problems as well. 

Florida home with spanish tiled roof

Why Choose Us for Your Next Roofing Project

Your roof protects you and everything beneath it, so it must be in trusted hands. Therefore, no matter how big or small, every roofing project is very important to us. We have been striving for excellence for over 20+ years, and we have completed many commercial, residential and government roofing properties.

You are our top priority, and for ensuring you trust our services, it is important to mention that we are licensed, bonded and insured in Hillsborough County and our job sites in strict compliance with local HOA and municipal building codes and ordinances. 

Let Graco Construction handle all of your roofing services in Valrico, FL.