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Local Design-Build General Contractor for Metal Roofs

General Contracting Services for Metal Roofing in Tampa, FL

Since Years ago, most roofs in Tampa lacked pizzazz and curb appeal. But today’s roofing products now come in a wide range of stunning colors, materials and looks. In addition to their unique aesthetics, metal also offer many cost-saving advantages over traditional roofing materials. At Graco Construction, we are design-build general contractors with 20+ years of experience who also specialize in ingot roof constructions, repairs and replacements for residential, commercial and government clients in Hillsborough County, FL. In addition to roofing, we also offer general contracting assistance for enclosures and concrete projects. Ask us today to show you some of our beautiful handiwork in the Tampa area.

contractor performing repair on standing seam roof beach house

Is a Metal Roof Right for Me?

This are sometimes referred to as the “Cadillacs” of the roofing industry because they’re available in highly weather-resistant, long-lasting materials like aluminum, steel and zinc. Metal roofing now comes in a broad palette of colors, including shades of white, black, gray, blue, red and green so now that you can creatively match the siding on your home or business.

A roof also provides you with these benefits:

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beach house

How to Care for Metal Roofing

A metal roof is virtually maintenance free, but you’ll still need to take these steps to prevent leaks and increase longevity:

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If DIY roof maintenance isn’t your thing, Graco Construction also specializes in metal roofing inspections and repairs. Contact us today if we can be of assistance!

How to Customize Your Metal Roof

The design-build contractors at Graco Construction will be happy to show you how to affordably customize your new ingot roof in one of these ways based on the style of your home or business:

contractor performing repair on standing seam roof beach house

Our Design-Build Metal Roof Installation Formula

The pros at Graco Construction can also design and install the metal roof of your dreams while using this proven formula:

Why Choose Us for Your Metal Roofing Project?

In Fact, Graco Construction is a locally owned and operated, general contracting company. Since, 20+ years of experience. Our design-build contractor solutions are backed by an open, honest approach, friendly, knowledgeable customer service and razor-sharp attention-to-detail. Also for your added security we are fully licensed, bonded and insured in Hillsborough County, FL. All our jobsites are run in strict compliance with local HOA and municipal building codes and ordinances.

Meanwhile, Our job-tested work crews show up on time with a smile, and don’t leave until you’re totally satisfied with the outcome. We also take every possible precaution to protect your privacy, possessions and property. In addition to roof inspections, repairs and replacements, Graco Construction offers residential, commercial and government general contracting services for concrete and enclosure projects in Tampa. Tell us about your next roofing project today!

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