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Proudly Serving Hillsborough County, FL



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Design-Build General Contracting for Slate & Tiled Roofs

Local Contractors in Tampa, FL, for Slate and Tile Roofing Projects

Drive around Tampa, FL, and you’ll see a lot of slate or tile roofs. In addition to boosting curb appeal and resale value, tiled and slate roofs also hold up very well in the Florida climate. At Graco Construction, we are also design-build general contractors with over 20 years of experience who specialize in also slate and tiled roof restorations, new constructions and replacements for residential, commercial and government clients in Hillsborough County.

In addition to general contracting services for roofing, we also offer top-quality design-build solutions for concrete and enclosure projects. Ask us today to show you some of our handiwork around Tampa!

Hip style tile roof with lots of ridges and valleys

Should I Invest in a Tile or Slate Roof?

Tiled roofs are beautiful, energy efficient, durable, lastly for 50 years and easy to maintain.They also resist fire, salt water, heavy rain, bugs and heat very well, which makes them popular in Florida. Roofing tiles now come in molded, tinted or concrete styles, or indifferent shapes like flat, curved, fluted and interlocking. Tile is a heavier and more expensive steep-slope roofing material, which means special framing may be required when installing a new tile roof.

Natural slate roofs are also a very sustainable steep-slope roofing option because they look amazing, last 100 years, are fire, wind and water resistant, eco-friendly and come in numerous color choices and patterns. Slate is a little costlier and heavier than other roofing materials. Which may require additional framework before installing a new slate roof. As an alternative to natural slate. There are newer composite soft slate roofing materials now that are lighter and easier to install than natural slate that are also virtually maintenance free.

How to Maintain a Slate or Tiled Roof

Never walk on a soft or hard slate roof. Your best bet is hiring a licensed roofing contractor to inspect it and perform routine maintenance. Here are some other care tips for slate roofs:

New tile roof single story with colored mortar
Slate gray tile roof with matching mortar

Here’s how to take care of a concrete or clay tiled roof:

Graco Construction also specializes in expert tiled and slate roof inspections, restorations and replacements. Contact us today if we can be of assistance!

How Can I Customize My Tile or Slate Roof?

You can change the look of a clay or concrete tiled roof by using flat shake tiles, Spanish tiles, Scandia tiles, double Roman tiles, a pantile pattern, barrel tiles, French tiles or Riviera tiles.

A slate roof can also be customized in various ways, including a patterned slate roof, standard slate roof, random width slate roof, multicolored slate roof, graduated length slate roof, graduated thickness slate roof, textural slate roof or hang-down (staggered butt) slate roof.

If you need some design assistance, the general contractors at Graco Construction will be happy to show you some of our breath-taking slate or tile roofing projects around Tampa.

Terra cotta tile roof with blue sky and sun shine

Our Design-Build Roof Installation Formula

When it comes to your home or business, Graco Construction offers general contracting solutions for tile and slate roof inspections, repairs, restorations and new constructions.

This is the design-build formula we use when installing a new tiled or slate roof:

Why Choose Us for Your Tile or Slate Roofing Project?

Graco Construction is also locally owned and operated, design-build general contracting company with 20+ years of experience. Our conception-to-completion process is backed by open, honest communication, friendly, knowledgeable customer service, and a laser-focused attention-to-detail. For your added protection, we also licensed, bonded and insured in Hillsborough County. But, our jobsites are run in strict compliance with all local HOA and municipal building codes and ordinances.

Our skilled roofing crews show up on time with a smile, and they don’t leave until the job’s been done right. They also make every effort to protect your privacy, possessions and property. In addition to tile and slate roof inspections, restorations, new constructions and replacements, But we offer design-build general contracting services for commercial, residential and government concrete and enclosure projects in Tampa, FL. Before getting started on your next roofing project contact the pros at Graco Construction firstly!

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